Mark Diebolt

for County Attorney

When it comes to keeping our streets safe, experience matters.  And with over 300 criminal trials under his belt, no one has more than Mark Diebolt.

Three Key Issues To Vote For

Safer Streets

No attorney in Arizona has more experience in keeping dangerous 

criminals off the streets to keep the community safe.

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Reducing Violence

Gangs and gun violence have absolutely no place in our society, and we need leadership that knows how to deal with it.

Supporting Victims

Victim's rights need to be prioritized in our justice system, to ensure a safer and more supportive community.

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Putting My Experience
to Work

I’m a homegrown product of this community – a family man who has loved his career as a Deputy County Attorney for 23 years. Nobody has more violent crime prosecutions in Arizona. And I want nothing more for your family and mine than to see our streets safe…and for our community to be prosperous. 


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Janell Jellison
Amy Peery
Steve Rayle, MD
Larry Bailliere
David Couture
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Dennis Caldwell
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Linda Moore
Robert N. Samuelson, MD
Bill Hussey
Steve Vorholzer

Supporting Our

Law Enforcement

We need to support our law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line everyday for the safety and security of our community.  

For 23 years I've worked very closely with hundreds of men and women in uniform on a daily basis, working together to solve and prosecute crimes and protect the public from dangerous criminals.

I'm aware of the dangers our police officers face and the sacrifices they make to keep our streets safe, and as County Attorney I'll continue to hold this important relationship close so we can work together as a team to keep our community safe.




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