I Keep Bad Guys Off The Streets.

For Your Family And For Mine.


I grew up in this city and on these streets – from elementary school thru Sahuaro High - before going on to the U of A.  So I'm very much a part of this community. It’s in my blood. And that's always been at the heart of my reasons for going into the law, and now to run for County Attorney.


For 23 years, I've been working for the county to put bad guys behind bars – personally prosecuting more than 320 violent criminal trials and handling hundreds more, including Tucson’s worst gang members.  That's more than anybody else in all of Arizona. I have a reputation in the legal community for being both tough and fair - guided by the belief that it's the really violent offenders who have brought real harm to other citizens that belong behind bars. To that end, I believe we could save both lives and money by offering treatment to minor drug offenders instead of incarceration. In addition, I also believe it is a waste of taxpayer money - $1 million or more – when we give someone the death penalty. Not on my watch.


My father served in Vietnam as a pilot, and he always told me that his one main concern during those missions was to make sure that the guys on the ground were okay.  I like to think this is my own way of living up to that sense of duty, and would be honored to serve this community in the same fashion, doing all I can to make sure that the good people of this city have the safe streets they deserve, and a system that works for them. 


We Can Do Better

While continuing to go after “the worst of the worst”, we often overlook the role of victim support in a case, and the importance it has to the overall system.  I believe we have to focus much of our future efforts here as well as finding new ways of dealing with non-violent offenders. In addition, we need to strengthen our efforts to go after violent offenders and gangs (which I have done as a member of the Arizona Gang Investigations Association). My priority is to ensure the right for all of us to live in the safe and peaceful community we are working so hard to build.  


Nothing Is More Important

Family means everything.  And my family is the inspiration behind everything I'm fighting for.  Nothing is more important than keeping our families safe.  I have an amazing wife and a 7 and 10 year-old at home who I think about every day when I'm at work, and how what we do is for the betterment of society.  Our kids deserve safe streets, and all of our loved ones deserve to be able to sleep at night knowing that the system is there to protect and support them.


The decision to run for public office was a difficult one, but we made it together and I couldn't do it without the love and support of my amazing family.


 They truly are the inspiration behind everything I'm fighting for.