Pima County Court System Featured in Documentary

A 2004 documentary about the aftermath of a tragedy brought a behind the scenes look into what goes on in a trial.

In the criminal court system we deal with the harsh realities of the dark side of society every day. It's never easy, but all too often we have to deal with a real tragedy to in which there really can be no favorable outcome. Thus was the case back in 2004 after a young man lost his life due to the actions of a drunk driver, and the cameras were there to capture it all.

The charge was Vehicular Manslaughter, and the defendant was a woman who certainly didn't set out that day to take someone's life. Nevertheless, her actions resulted in a terrible tragedy. A young person's life ended that day, his father (who was also on the motorcycle) was seriously injured, and the defendant would end up spending the next 8 years in jail.

The documentary was a good look into what goes on behind the scenes when something terrible like this happens, and we as a society have to deal with it. It was an honor to be a main character in a piece of journalism like this, but that honor was far overshadowed by being in a context where justice has a very bitter edge to it.

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